Solidity learning resources

The following is a list of Solidity learning resources.
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OpenZeppelin Learn Guides


:books: Read

Security Audits

Best practices



What are your top three recommendations for a new developer in the space?

Answer questions

Answer questions in the Community Forum or in other Solidity development communities.
If you donโ€™t know the answer (which often I donโ€™t), you can try to find it out.


Keep a coding journal of things that you learn and the progress have you made.

See some examples of what people have shared with the community:


Contribute to open source

Find a project that you are passionate about and contribute. This can be as simple as:



Dapp University:

Eat the Blocks:


How to start as a smart contract developer
Source file requires different compiler version when compiling with Truffle
Introduce yourself here!
Introduce yourself here!
Let's see where this goes: Personal coding accountability log
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Introduce yourself here!
Introduce yourself here!
Introduce yourself here!
Sample project including all the functions of OpenZeppelin Contracts?
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Smart contract deploy error
Cannot increase supply of token after deployment
Burn token
Steps to fork and deploy Safemoon
Safemoon Token
Burn function ERC20
I can't deploy a SafeMoon Clone, can someone give me their migration.js file?
What happens if I send coins to a contract?
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PSA Regarding SafeMoon Forks on PancakeSwap - Transfers not working? Read This!
Verfiy on bscscan error
BSC amount for the deployment
BEP-20 Burn Function help
Sample crowdsale contracts help
Visibility for constructor is ignored. If you want the contract to be non-deployable, making it "abstract" is sufficient
Function _setTokenURI() in ERC721 is gone with pragma ^0.8.0
Can't resolve './contracts/SimpleStorage.json'
Helping programming auto burn and auto stop burn on erc20.sol 0.8.0
Safemoon Token
Help me to understand liquidity in new contracts
How to start as a smart contract developer
Missing OpenZeppelin node modules folder after installing
How to develop smart contracts With OpenZeppelin?
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Introduce yourself here!
Very Interesting problem. ( Upgradeable contract on pancakeswap, transfer failed after upgrade )
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