Introduce yourself here!

Greetings Kind sir @abcoathup

Thank you for the warm welcome.
It’s amazing to learn that you are a fellow Australian.

To answer your question I have not as yet co joined with any specific community involved with Ethereum as of yet.

I would be very interested in doing so have the opportunity a rise %100
And as for operating Defender as a Keeper, This is my intention yes. :wink:

Perhaps you could assist me somewhat in reaching my goal?

I must be honest with you and admit whilst learning & clicking around a couple of weeks back < I managed to Bond, Or outright Send various of my assets to a Keep3r related address.

I am not %100 sure exactly what i have done but to have some clarity on this topic would be greatly help full. :smile:

So i have stocked up my Data Plan registered with “Open Zeppelan”
Saved some pennies for some Gas Fees & I’m back to try get this operation underway.

P.S I wish you well in Melbourne there & Hopefully Soon our borders will be open for us all once again.

Kind Regards Friend


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I believe there was an Ethereum community in Adelaide. You could try:

Sydney has a strong community and an active Telegram group:

Melbourne had the weekly hack and has an active Discord:

You can use OpenZeppelin Defender with Keeper:

If you have any questions about Defender you can ask in #support:defender

I saw that Adelaide has a Covid cluster. Stay safe.

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I’m Samuel Chong, from México.

I was backend developer, now i’m tester, but i want to be a solidity developer.

I want to be a better me, i want to help my family.

I want to make a game, but it’s so difficult for me understand that contracts can’t be upgrated, i’m making some tutorials of upgrades here.

Thanks to all :slight_smile: to exist.


Hello everybody,

My name is Kyrill. I am currently doing a full-time job in germany as a developer with focus on NodeJS.
I got my attention on openzeppeling, just as many other from this forum, by my interest in solidity and then doing the cryptozombies tutorial by Loom. One day i hope for being able to get a full-time job in blockchain development!

Thank you for the warm welcome!


Hi @SrChong,

Welcome to the community :wave:

I suggest looking through: Solidity learning resources

A good place to start with Upgradeable contracts is Learn guides: Upgrading smart contracts.
Then OpenZeppelin Upgrades: Step by Step Tutorial for Truffle or OpenZeppelin Upgrades: Step by Step Tutorial for Hardhat.

I also recommend reading: The State of Smart Contract Upgrades

For gaming I suggest looking at:

Hi @Krylli96,

Welcome to the community :wave:

I suggest looking through: Solidity learning resources, and working through as many #general:guides-and-tutorials as you can.

Feel free to ask all the questions that you need.

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Hello, I am Zak, a smart contract developer & part of the LibertyPie Team. We are building a 100% non-custodial, Permissionless and autonomous P2P & DeFi protocol for EVM based blockchains. OpenZeppelin has been an essential part of our code, We found OpenZeppelin whiles searching for a good & matured solidity library. I am glad to be part of this awesome group.

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welcome onboard, this is a great platform to learning, hope we all learn from you

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Hi @zakpie,

Welcome to the community :wave:

If you have administration tasks or need to automate functions you may want to look at OpenZeppelin Defender:

It would be great to have your input on: [Question] What are the building blocks of DeFi?

Thank You, I have checked OpenZeppelin defender and its a great tool, we will look more into it

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Good afternoon everyone!

My name is Justin. I’m a parent attorney wirh an electrical engineering background based in New York City with about 3 years or mining and staking experience in crypto. I am here because I want to use your OS to run Keep3r jobs due to its ease of use vs running the scripts myself. Thanks for the awesome project and let me know if there is anything I can do for you.



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Hi @JustinL,

Welcome to the community :wave:
Thanks for introducing yourself.

I am in Melbourne Australia. I studied Electrical Engineering but have mostly worked as a Software Engineer.

To run a Keeper using OpenZeppelin Defender please see the documentation:

If you have any questions you can ask in #support:defender

Hey there! I’m Clark, from Los Angeles. I just started at OpenZeppelin this week as a Security Researcher. I’m excited to help protect the decentralized ecosystem and looking forward to working with the community!


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Hi @Clark,

Welcome to the team and the community :wave:

Great to have you on board.

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Hi am Victor from Kenya, been trading crypto alongside completing university studies. Finally finished, learning how to develop on Ethereum for the last two months. I am excited to be here!

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Hi Victor (@Altaergo),

Thanks for introducing yourself.

Congratulations on completing your university studies. :champagne:
What were you studying?

Are you looking for work in the Crypto space? You could check out:

OpenZeppelin are hiring, so worth considering if/when you have the skills/experience.

I recommend going through: Solidity learning resources
If you have any good resources, please add/update so we can share with the community.

I was studying architecture, it is too long six years and I had to get that degree for my troubles. But I love crypto due to opportunities, it is night and day compared to architecture.
Am mostly self taught, but I have been following the trufflecon 2020 videos on Youtube, and I have membership on EatTheBlocks(founder is a nice guy).
I would love to work in crypto yes, though am not sure whether I can get some internships, because I feel I still have a lot to learn. Before I started, I thought it would be easy coding blockchain applications lol but after being around here for a while and learning how security is important, my biggest fear is getting my funds hacked lol. I would love to work for OpenZeppelin in future yes.

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Hi Victor (@Altaergo),

There are lots of similarities with blockchain development and architecture of buildings, the consequences for making errors can be severe.

Asking and answering questions is a great way to learn. Also creating small projects, such as NFTs is fun.

In April 2017 I got started with blockchain, reading OpenZeppelin audits, using OpenZeppelin Contracts and playing Ethernaut, and now for the last 18 months I have been at OpenZeppelin, so definitely something to aim for.

I have heard about NFTs, they sound exciting, will definitely look into them.
What I like most about OpenZeppelin content is it is very well curated, and organized, so definitely makes learning easier.

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