Book / course on best practices?

Is there a book / course on best practices? I’m starting to realized that often operating on the approach of “when I find a problem let me look for a solution” isn’t good because then there are some problems which people don’t realize are problems if they aren’t big enough. Having a comprehensive book / course could be insanely helpful in those times. Something like for example.

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I’m not sure if there is a definitive book/course on best practices. Will be interested to see what recommendations the community has.

This historic (ancient in blockchain timescales) post still holds true (

The post lists the following great resources:

The OpenZeppelin documentation (such as: Preparing for Mainnet) along with the OpenZeppelin Contracts and tests themselves are also great to refer to.

I also recommend Test smart contracts like a rockstar for testing.

The OpenZeppelin Research team have a checklist before an audit which I recommend to the community.

The OpenZeppelin Research team provides a Security Audits service for decentralized applications, tools, and protocols. You can browse through past public audits in our blog.

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It is also worth looking at the list of post-mortems:

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