Ethernaut Community Solutions

Continuing the discussion from Ethernaut category, where @scammi compiled many solutions:

Video walk-through:

Status - Smart Contract Vulnerabilities: Ethernuats
Tim Holmes Mitra - Ethernaut Challenges playlist
David Wong - Ethernaut CTF walkthrough

Tinchoabbate walkthrough


Nicole Zhu series

Lvl 1 Fallback function
Lvl 2 Fallout
Lvl 3 Coin Flip
Lvl 4 Telephone
Lvl 5 Token
Lvl 6 Delegation
Lvl 7 Force
Lvl 8 Vault
Lvl 9 King
Lvl 10 Re-entrancy
Lvl 11 Elevator
Lvl 12 Privacy
Lvl 13 Gatekeeper 1
Lvl 14 Gatekeeper 2
Lvl 15 Naught Coin
Lvl 16 Preservation
Lvl 17 Locked
Lvl 18 Recovery
Lvl 19 MagicNumber

Igor Yalovoy

Ethernaut Alien Codex Solution


gitHub .md guide


Lvl 20 Denial
Lvl 21 Shop
Lvl 22 Dex -> because the new user can attach 2 links in a post


Level 20
Level 21


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I have created solutions for the remaining challenges:

Lvl 20 Denial
Lvl 21 Shop

Lvl 22 Dex -> because the new user can attach 2 links in a post

Hi everyone
I've written my solutions for levels 20 & 21 on these pages and I'll be happy if you send me your suggestions

Level 20
Level 21

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Hey everyone, I'm working through this amazing learning tool for the 2nd time and writing up explanations/solutions on each challenge as I go.

You can find them here:

If I've made an error anywhere, please let me know!

Hi everyone, really enjoyed working through these. I noticed there wasn't a solution for Puzzle Wallet yet so went ahead and added one. I def-o learned a lot with this challenge:

Thanks and cheers!

Added one for 25, too!