Please help using multisig


I am trying to use the multisig GNOSIS Safe in Defender. I created a Safe multisig executable with 2 out 3 signatures, for me and my two colleagues to sign. When I set up a proposal, however, my two colleagues are not able to see the proposal waiting for their signatures.

I set up an experiment with a "send fund" function. It worked OK and I signed it myself. However, when one of my colleagues imported to the SAFE contract in his computer, the defender system did not recognize it was a GNOSIS Safe but one of general contracts. When I changed it with the ABI script, copied from the original contract in my computer, my friend's systems were able to get most of the functions defined but still not recognized as a Safe.

How can my friends sign the contract? Or, how can my friends defender will recognize it as a GNOSIS Safe. The safe contract is 0x0224adB4F088F0113bd6B34aa80499aBB26F5505. It is on Polygon Network.


Desperately yours,

Proposals in Defender Admin are only shared among your team members. If your colleagues had set up different accounts on Defender, instead of you inviting them to your team (see here), they will not be able to see the proposals you create, even if they import the Gnosis Safe.

As for importing the Safe into their account and not being recognized as a Gnosis Safe, this is most likely caused by an error with a Polygon provider (see this thread for more info). I've just manually fixed this on your colleague's account so it now shows up correctly as a Gnosis Safe, though keep in mind that your proposals will not be shown in their account.

Ohh... Thx. I will have that in my mind.


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