Known issues in Defender Admin with Polygon and Binance chains

Hey everyone! We've been receiving multiple reports of issues in Defender Admin, especially when interacting with Polygon and Binance chains (or their respective testnets). Examples of these issues include upgradeable contracts (ie proxies) not being recognized as such, reports that a transaction would revert when it shouldn't, or just generic errors when opening a proposal.

We've found that in most cases these issues are caused by a faulty JSON RPC provider configured on Metamask. If you have your Metamask wallet connected to Defender and on the same network as the contract you're working with, Defender will route all queries to the blockchain through your Metamask. So if the provider on Metamask fails to resolve these queries, Defender fails to report properly on these contracts.

We are working on more effectively catching these errors and falling back to Defender-controlled providers when we detect them, but in the meantime, as a workaround, we suggest changing the JSON RPC endpoint on your Metamask if you are experiencing these issues. We recommend using an Alchemy, Infura, or Quicknode provider if possible, and avoid public RPC endpoints, since these tend to be the flakiest ones. You can check out this guide on how to configure your JSON RPC endpoint on Metamask.

Now, if after switching to a private JSON RPC endpoint your issues persist, please open a new thread here in Defender Support and we'll jump in to help!