Cannot propose/execute any transactions. Constantly fails with different errors

I am unable to approve or execute any transaction on polygon multisig (0x51358004cFe135E64453d7F6a0dC433CAba09A2a) today. Regular known & previously executed proposals are also failing to be created. Errors range from Gnosis safe address not verifiable as a safe, EOA or multisig etc to CALL_EXCEPTION and UNKNOWN EXCEPTION.

:computer: Environment
Using 2021 Macbook Pro (intel chip) defender on Chrome browser 108.0.5359.124 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Apart from the problems mentioned, sometimes the proposal page doesn't load. The signed count is not real time nor does wallet connection network rightly reflected. Page is an absolute mess and I am struggling to even navigate on the page. This has been the same case with all of my co-signers.

Hi @Dheeraj_Borra -

Issues like this are typically either the result of:

  1. Gnosis Safe Tx Service being down (which Defender uses to sync signatures)
  2. Flaky providers configured in Metamask (Defender uses the injected provider for these calls)

To get you unblocked, the best course would be to try and configure a different provider in Metamask and try again.

If that is not effective, please try to process signatures via the Gnosis Safe UI: