Gnosis Safe Supported Version

Im trying to use a gnosis safe that is version 1.3.0 for multisig in a admin proposal for a contract, but i get an error saying that Address does not correspond to a supported multisig.

It looks like if i create gnosis safe from defender the version is 1.2.0. Is it possible that defender does not support 1.3.0?

For sanity I’m importing the safes into, and confirming the settings and versions. The gnosis safe that is version 1.3.0 was created using

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Hey @jtsetse! Indeed, Safe 1.3.0 is not supported at the moment, due to a breaking change in the interface that affects how we recognize a Safe.

We’ll be fixing this over this week!

@spalladino thank for getting back to me. goodluck with fix, looking forward to seeing it in action.

Hey @jtsetse, support for Safe 1.3 is now available!

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