Sending ERC20 funds in Multisig

I just created a Gnosis Safe in Polygon using defender. I've send 2 amUSDC to the multisig.

Now I was trying to send those funds back (for testing).

Then I go to the contract->New Proposal->Send funds

In the currency dropdown I have only MATIC. I tried adding the address of amUSDC but it doesn't works.

It is possible to send funds of ERC20 tokens? If not possible from the UI, how should I do it?

I also tried loading the safe in but doesn't work either...

Hi @gnarvaja

Thank you for getting in touch!

Currently, Defender Admin does not allow you to send ERC-20 tokens from a Gnosis Safe yet. However, we understand this is a useful feature and we are already finalising changes for this implementation. Meanwhile, you could initiate the transfer from the USDC contract directly. Import the contract into Defender Admin and call the Transfer function with your Gnosis Safe as the execution strategy.

Hope that helps.