What is your favorite collectible?

I :heart: collectibles.

Do you have any collectibles (ERC721), if so what is your favorite and why?

My favorite is a drawing of a cat.
It was the first piece of digital art I ever bought.
This year it was converted to an ERC721, which is very cool, so I can display with my other collectibles.

In close second is my Orange Horse, because I drew it myself.

You can view most of my collection at OpenSea:

You can create your own ERC721 collectible using OpenZeppelin.

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I do think @bbarton’s Peepeth Badges look great. (Disclosure: I helped with the smart contract side of the badges)


Shout out to some builders and collectors to share their favorite collectible:
@piedup @ianbrtt @callmegwei :smile:


Hey @abcoathup! I’m kinda new to collectibles, don’t think I have a favourite yet, what I really hope is to collect many tokenized assets :smiley: The idea of purchase a piece of tokenized building or something through my phone drives me crazy, I don’t even think about investing in real world assets haha only tokenized ones.


Probably ENS names (hey, they qualify now, right, since they’re erc-721s?). Not to squat on or to resell, but because I have always wanted to be able to genuinely control a domain name… Not like, use by the good graces of government agency x, y, z but really, truly, control .

(I’ve always liked the idea of anonymous domain names too.)

ENS delivers.


I hope it does. I remember when I used to access servers via IP address, I look forward to when interaction with Ethereum is via ENS rather than addresses.