Developer wanted (ERC 720 + DAPP for Minting)


I'm based in Sydney, Australia. I work in application security but have an affinity for pixel art (24x24).

I have some basic technical understanding of NFTs when it comes to ERC 721, ipfs, minting, rarity weight etc

The goal is to release a collection of around 9,999 NFTs using layered/generated pixel art.

    Deploy ERC 721 smart contract + dapp allowing users to mint/claim their own collectables

    Integrate game with collectables (collectables will be used as in-game skin). Currently the plans are to run the game off-chain but this could change depending on feasibility of the game logic. Note: Game development is not required this can be done by separately

I'm looking for someone who has a proven track record with ERC 721 so please be prepared to show real previous works.


At first this will be on a contract basis. I have no issue with spending money but until the first milestone has been reached this project could go either way, at which point if it ends up going the way I plan (successfully) then I would happily offer more permanent options for said developer (if that is of interest) subsequently, I have no issue continuing on a contract basis either should that be the preferred model.

Hi Hashandhope,

I'm one of the lead developers at the Silicon Valley-based application development agency Kaizen Apps. We're capable of building De-Fi, Smart Contract, & True IPFS DAPP projects on multiple smart chains to whatever spec you'd like. I can work both via email and phone.

Regarding ERC721 NFC collection mint release, I've minted NFC's quite often since the NFT craze. One of the more elaborate tokens minted recently done through Kaizen was TransCoin and I've also attached a screenshot of the coin supply transfer below for validation purposes.

The game collectible aspect of it is quite straightforward as the unique hash of the NFT can be verified via an API blockchain read to showcase collectibles on an account and used as a skin.

Game development isn't an issue either as we have an in-house game development shop in case you don't already have one selected.

Let's get in touch to hash out your project more.

My contact is

Hi @prestonzen, Thank you for your post ill have a read through it now. Meanwhile I was curious, does Kaizenapps have a site? not resolving.