Sacred Coin Protocol feedback - A protocol aimed at bringing human values in the crypto space

Hi there,

First of all, I am grateful to the Open Zeppelin community for all of their help, and although this is my first time posting, I have been following the community closely and have learned a great deal from the threads on this forum - so thank you!

I'd love to get some feedback on the open-source crypto project that I've just released:

Basically, I created a new protocol for creating tokens that is compatible with the ERC-20 standard and that allows for the inclusion of guidelines in word-form within the token contract for coin users to follow. As an example, I used it and the OpenZeppelin library to create the Gratitude Coin - an ERC-20 token deployed on ethereum whose guideline is:

Think of something to be grateful for.

Every time you buy, sell or otherwise use the coin, take a second to think of something that you are grateful for. It could be your family, your friends, the neighborhood you are living in or your pet tortoise. Ideally, you should think about something different that you're grateful for every time you use the coin.

The idea is to provide tokens with the ability to not just store and trade monetary value, but human values. Taken from the website:

If people agree that the guidelines offered by a particular sacred coin produce value, and they choose to uphold those guidelines as they interact with the coin, then the value of the coin will be found not only in its ability to store and distribute monetary value, but in its ability to store and distribute the actions that those guidelines inspire. This creates a whole new paradigm for what money is, and what it is capable of - one that truly is a departure from traditional finance, and that is only made possible by the blockchain.

My background is in psychology, which, among other things, has made me acutely aware of the power of words on how people use objects, both consciously and unconsciously. My informed opinion is that the more exposure the guidelines of a sacred coin get, the more likely it is for people to recognize those guidelines as part of the core DNA of the coin, and the more likely that they would be followed. But it will be interesting to see how sacred coins perform "in the wild".

The website has more info, and also allows you to buy Gratitude Coins via Metamask, to share it with others, and much moreā€¦

This has been a labour of love, so would appreciate any feedback that you may have.

The website has links to the GitHub page, and also to the verified Gratitude Coin contracts on Etherscan. Feedback on the code would also be appreciated.