Pros and cons of using Ethereum or hyperledger for a game with collectibles (ERC721)

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Hi I have a question, for a game with collectibles erc 271. What are the pros and cons of using ethereum or hyperledger hyperledger swatooh. If you know any article on this I will be happy to read it.



The pros for using Ethereum for game collectibles is the technology stack and standards support. Economies for collectibles can exist external to the game.

There are existing market places for trading collectibles such as OpenSea.

Etherscan shows recent ERC721 transactions:

You could use OpenZeppelin Contracts Preset ERC721 contract to create collectibles.

You could also look at ERC1155 which would be suited for solutions requiring multiple types of tokens. Though this standard has less eco-system support, but is supported by OpenSea.


The biggest con is the cost of transactions on mainnet is high (currently) due to network congestion. This means that the value of collectibles likely needs to be an order of magnitude higher than the transaction fee to justify the cost. This rules out low value collectibles on mainnet.

The alternative to Ethereum mainnet is Layer 2 scaling (coming soon™) or using a side chain (such as one from POA). For a sidechain you would want a bridge to mainnet so that high value items can be transferred to mainnet.


I don’t know anything on the Hyperledger side of things. It would be interesting if anyone in the community can comment.

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Yes, I am leaning towards ethereum, which in itself was created to be a public chain and has all the benefits you mention. As I see Hyperledger is more oriented to b2b and although it is working on compatible modules for public projects it is far from matching the ecosystem that Ethereum already has. Besides that Serenity is coming

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Whilst Ethereum 2.0 is coming (Phase 0 is rapidly approaching) we may still be looking at year(s). I’m optimistic that Layer 2 solutions will be much sooner, ideally months away. The Reddit scaling bakeoff will be great for this.

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pourquoi s’investir avec etherum si les frais de transaction sont éleves
comment reddit ou bien tik tok peux gagner de l’argent sur des micro paiements alors que les frais de gaz sont onéreux

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Hi @besmily,

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why invest with etherum if transaction costs are high
how reddit or tik tok can earn money on micro payments when gas costs are expensive

This is why Reddit are doing a bake off. They are seeking a solution that will scale to their user base. Whether this is a side chain, or a Layer 2 scaling solution or something else.