Introduce yourself here!

Hi am Victor from Kenya, been trading crypto alongside completing university studies. Finally finished, learning how to develop on Ethereum for the last two months. I am excited to be here!

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Hi Victor (@Altaergo),

Thanks for introducing yourself.

Congratulations on completing your university studies. :champagne:
What were you studying?

Are you looking for work in the Crypto space? You could check out:

OpenZeppelin are hiring, so worth considering if/when you have the skills/experience.

I recommend going through: Solidity learning resources
If you have any good resources, please add/update so we can share with the community.

I was studying architecture, it is too long six years and I had to get that degree for my troubles. But I love crypto due to opportunities, it is night and day compared to architecture.
Am mostly self taught, but I have been following the trufflecon 2020 videos on Youtube, and I have membership on EatTheBlocks(founder is a nice guy).
I would love to work in crypto yes, though am not sure whether I can get some internships, because I feel I still have a lot to learn. Before I started, I thought it would be easy coding blockchain applications lol but after being around here for a while and learning how security is important, my biggest fear is getting my funds hacked lol. I would love to work for OpenZeppelin in future yes.

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Hi Victor (@Altaergo),

There are lots of similarities with blockchain development and architecture of buildings, the consequences for making errors can be severe.

Asking and answering questions is a great way to learn. Also creating small projects, such as NFTs is fun.

In April 2017 I got started with blockchain, reading OpenZeppelin audits, using OpenZeppelin Contracts and playing Ethernaut, and now for the last 18 months I have been at OpenZeppelin, so definitely something to aim for.

I have heard about NFTs, they sound exciting, will definitely look into them.
What I like most about OpenZeppelin content is it is very well curated, and organized, so definitely makes learning easier.

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Hi @Altaergo,

You can try out: [DRAFT] Create an NFT and deploy to a public testnet, using Truffle and also look at: What is your favorite collectible?

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Morning All!

I’m Dave Appleton - playing with ethereum since late 2015, Solidity and Go coder.

Wrote Devcon Auction contracts and the Gas Tracker Bot ( among many other projects.

Currently into NFTS and DeFi.

More at


Hi @DaveAppleton,

Thanks for introducing yourself :pray:

I have to ask, What is your favorite collectible?
The Peepeth badges are still some of my favorites. I see you have some:

Are you using NFTs in DeFi or just for art?

Not into collectibles in a big way - but I enjoyed supporting Peepeth in what little way we could.

We are using NFT’s all over the place.

I am working on a special Crypto Art platform ( which brings an interesting take on the art creation process.

At the same time, recognising that an NFT can represent many things, I tend to use them wherever appropriate.

Designed a few for, the latest being the CoinGecko to the moon series.

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So many cool devs around, a privilege to be here. I will let them all have Happy Holidays, while I continue studying the blockchain.


Hi @Solidity-Snake,

Thanks for introducing yourself. What are you working on?

I just came back from vacation for the holidays and catching up on what the community has been up to.

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Let’s say it’s a framework for AI. I predict it to be a failure on release, and it can’t possibly achieve it’s ultimate goal. But I have to try.

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Hi, I’m John Paul Cas, a mobile and smart contract developer from XLD Tech Labs. We’re working on erc20 and erc721 that can be used to buy prepaid airtime, openzeppelin libraries, and abstract contracts is a big help in my studies :bowing_man:‍♂

I’m a blockchain enthusiast and navigating on Defi projects. I’m working on LiquidityMining/Staking :pick:

Let’s connect on telegram or LinkedIn @johnpaulcas

Nice meeting you all!


Hello everyone, my name is Quentin, I live in France in a town called Limoges,

I am still a young web and mobile developer, enthusiastic and motivated! I am looking for work, a work-study program to complete a new diploma and an increase in skills,

I have been working in the Blockchain since 2016, COO of StakeShare (SSX) since 2018, It encouraged me to become a developer, I have been learning solidity and the ethereum environment for a few days already,

I have high hopes in learning more, to specialize in blockchain and to carry out a personal project that is close to my heart (and professional I hope!). Ethereum seems to me to be a very good option for that,

I’m discovering OpenZeppelin today and I’m going on an adventure now, I think this community is of quality and the project is very relevant, happy to be able to learn with you I hope,

Excuse me for my English, in the heart of improvement :v:


Hi @johnpaulcas,

Welcome to the community :wave:

Thanks for introducing yourself.

Interested to know how you are tackling gas prices. Whether you are using a side chain or a layer 2 solution?

Also curious whether ERC1155 ( was a viable option for air time vouchers?

If you haven’t already, you may want to look at OpenZeppelin Defender to automate your Ethereum operations:

Hi Quentin (@Sheitak),

Welcome to the community and Solidity development :wave:

I suggest looking through: Solidity learning resources. I think the OpenZeppelin Learn guides are a great place to start.

You may want to track and share your coding journey:

Interested to hear about your personal project when you are ready to share something.

Hi @abcoathup, we’re not using erc721 for the prepaid airtime, our erc721 is used to some other aspect but we used the opengsn relayer so the user can pay the gas fee via token, for conversion we used uniswapv2 router :grinning: We’re on the process of token audit

Sure, we’re gonna take a look on OpenZeppelin Defender :smiley:

Thank you also for the great worked and support on the community @abcoathup all my question before answered really really fast :grinning: I am continues learning solidity and for sure will asked a lot of question soon :joy:


Yes thank you very much ! I started by looking at the OpenZeppelin documentation,

I share my progress with pleasure, thank you for your welcome


Hi all, I am Alessandro from Italy, creator of Eporio. It’s good to be here and see the community being really active :stuck_out_tongue:

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