Weird results where you cannot buy or remove liquidity... need assistance please!

hi, so I have been playing around with building ERC20 tokens for a couple months, and some are successful and some not, and I've really just been playing, to learn as much as I can.

But I ran into a weird scenario today where I had deployed a contract and added liquidity over PancakeSwap so it became a BEP20 token... I could sell off the tokens I kept to myself, but I could not buy tokens from the contract, at any price, even with a 49% slippage, and I could not remove my liquidity from pancakeswap... that transaction always failed... I kept a couple tokens, as this happened a couple times before and I didn't want to be screwed over again, but I have no idea why this happened... Can anyone please take a peek at my contract and tell me if they have any ideas?

Thanks in Advance!
The contract is public on BSCscan here: 0x2Bd89039d388fE66E497943C0fd18Efe08c17c6E

In advance of anyones questions, there is a maxholderpercentage of 10% to try to prevent whales.
It is pauseable, but was not paused.
There is buy, sell, and transfer tax on it, but all set to 0.
There is a 5% "PartyFee", just messing around with that. and there is a whitelist called a waterlist that, if you're on it, has no fees or taxes or restrictions applied to those holders, or the owner.