BEP20 Token Pancake swap

Hi I have deployed a contract an have created my token on BSCscan. I need assistance with listing my token onto pancakeswap as it is very difficult for me to do, understanding the process of liquidity, setting the price of the token, etc. I will pay you whatever payment method you prefer.

You have to go on pancakeswap, liquidity section, add liquidity and there you must add two tokens
Your and BNB for istance
The amount of BNB and of your token represent the initial price.
For example:

You add liqudity with 1 BNB and 1000 tokens
Then your token value will be = 0.001 BNB

Hi Thankyou Freezy I have more of an understanding now on how it works. A couple days ago when I added the first liquidity I made it 0.8bnb for 10billion tokens I am unsure of the math but it would be something like 0.000000001bnb per token correct? You can refer to the link below for the transaction.

My token has a supply of 1 quadrillion and I am holding 5% of it. Is it possible for me to list the remaining of the trillions? Do I have to delete the liquidity? Thanks and is it possible to add you on discord or something so we could discuss more and then settle payment?

Once you provide for he first time liquidity the rate is set. So you can’t change it

I have a question About the same subject,

So everytime you add more liquidity you will have to add equal amount of bnb based on the price you set the first time, so that means you will need fortune of bnb to add quadrillion token right? Who has such amount?

Also, how about the trading that is taking place? Doesn’t that help to increase the bnb amount in the pool in order to add more liquidity?

Also, when you remove your liquidity, pancakeswap will let you remove it in pairs also, so in theory both the tokens and bnb added initially will be removed, so how is that possible if the token is being traded and owned by the public?

Is there a way to remove your liquidity in bnb and keep your tokens for trading?

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