Cannot remove liquidity from a BSC token - 200$ bounty

Hey there,

Been trying to experiment deploying a new token myself, and put about 13 BNB in my liquidity pool, however I have not been able to remove my liquidity from Pancakeswap.

Contract is right here (used a contract from a tutorial I've found)

Whenever I try to remove the liquidity, I get the "Error: this transaction would fail" before I get the metamask popup.

Tried to lower the % of liquidity to remove, and managed to succesfully remove only 5% of the LP. However, somehow I cannot remove more, so I thought this would be related to other functions.
Played with slippage, unfortunately nothing.

Read on some other forums that could be related to TxLimit settings, and so i've set setTxLimit to maximum circulating supply, SetMaxTxPercent_Base1000 and setMaxWalletPercent_base1000 both to 1000, set different fees to 0, put my own address in setIsFeeExempt and SetIsTxLimitExempt, however with no success.

I believe it could be related to another function, however i really can't pinpoint the issue.

If anyone has a solution, I would gladly appreciate it. Willing to drop 200$ in bnb in compensation as a bounty.

thank you,


Hey @DSN
I suggest to follow these steps:

  1. try to remove WBNB instead of BNB
  2. disable swapEnabled
  3. authorize the pair address

If still doesn't work remove cooldown too

Looks like he already succeeded in withdrawing the funds: