Can’t remove liquidity on pancakeswap v2

So I've come accross so many topics over the internet and hit a dead end.
this is basically a Token-BNB liquidity and it happened I can't pull it out. Pancakeswap says "ERROR, This transaction would fail", I have almost $40,000 trapped in that liquidity so I'm giving away a bounty - It's better to give something or it might end up trapped forever.

I own the contract and its interacted with PC router and Factory

Tried Solutions :
X - Receive WBNB instead of BNB
X - Tried it on multiple browsers as well as on metamask app on android
X - Tried Approving the owner to the contracts
X - Tried increaseallowance

I found someone on an old github post telling setSwapAndLiquifyEnabled set to false but I happen can't find it.

Console error :

PC router

I am giving anyone who can help remove the liquidity a $1,000 BNB REWARD!


The token I am trying to remove liquidity from is just like this, please let me know if theres a way to remove! Thanks

Hey! I had problems like this on the testnet. I never found a real solution to it. The only thing that worked was if I tried pulling all liquidity it would stop me.
If there is a max transaction limit in the contract of 2% then you can only transfer 2%
If there is a burn or tax fee then you may need to increase slippage. This are the only 2 things that you can try.

the token you linked as a "model" has no verified source code. Does the token you put your money into has verified source code? also, did the project rug pull or is it still active?