Only able to remove liquidity below 10%

hello, i need help here to remove liquidity, its not totally un removeable. its more like im only able to remove below 10% from total my liquidity. which is basically need more than 10x swap.
i hope someone can help me review the code. since im kinda new here. so here's the detail
contract : 0x77e0cc148bd9beab75c3b6a5722f2ba6fb205029
bscscan :

really hope someone can help me figure this out. Thankyou in advance!

Hey @dsenomaru
this happens when someone uses a code without understanding it :sweat_smile:
Try to follow these steps:

  1. exempt from Tx Limit the pair address 0x0a51ebdfcb918c24b946b782a705272d103c4f77
  2. turn off swapEnabled
  3. be sure to use the owner wallet (which is excluded from tx limit too)
  4. if needed on pancakeswap try to remove LP using WBNB not BNB