Can't remove liquidity on pancakeswap v2

So I've come accross so many topics over the internet and hit a dead end.
this is basically a Token-BNB liquidity and it happened I can't pull it out. Pancakeswap says "ERROR, This transaction would fail", I have almost $30,000 trapped in that liquidity so I'm giving away a bounty - It's better to give something or it might end up trapped forever.

I own the contract and its interacted with PC router and Factory

Tried Solutions :
X - Receive WBNB instead of BNB
X - Tried it on multiple browsers as well as on metamask app on android
X - Tried Approving the owner to the contracts
X - Tried increaseallowance

I found someone on an old github post telling setSwapAndLiquifyEnabled set to false but I happen can't find it.

Console error :

PC router

I would like to try to interact with the PC router contract but I dont know which to put on the field below
"v, r, s "
photo for reference :

Kindly drop your solutions if you have any - Thanks!

Most likely there's a problem with the token you're trying to remove liquidity. Can you post the contract of the token?

I can't post the contract here, but its 99% similar to

Sorry this looks sketchy

Why would you seek for help to remove liquidity (a rug maybe) and not share the root of the problem (the contract)?

Do you still own the address which you used to create the liquidity

I do, its not renounced or transferred ownership.

Create a liquidity was called from the token contract?

If it's similar to this

Where is the address for bosses

the uniswaprouterv2 is the same as you have given above
Router :

The addressforbossess is the owner itself.

SOLVED, tax/maxtx set high reverted to 0 in order to make transaction.

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hello, please can you help state how you solved this? i am having the same issue

He set the tax of his contract to 0 and set the max token transfer to high enough so he could take out the liquidity.

Without ppl showing the real tx and contract its pretty hard to say why its failing.

how to fill all the space bro? i have same problem. kindly post it for a sample. thanks before

In my case my slippage was set to 0%
When i changed it to 1% it allowed me to remove the liquidity.

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Hello, setting slippage to 0.5% does work too, the lesser the better.