Trouble with Telegram notificactions on Optimism Sentinel

Hello there OZ community!

I'm currently having some problems using OZ Defender, in particular getting Telegram notificactons based on a Sentinel I created.

Some context:

  • We currently want to listen when a swap is executed on Mean Finance, and get a notification on our Telegram channel
  • We have the same setup both for Optimism and Polygon, and the Polygon Sentinel is reporting the swaps correctly
  • We even tried the test notifications and they work correctly
  • When swaps are executed in Optimism, we don't get notifications
  • When I check the conditions on the transactions the swaps were executed, the Sentinel detects them correctly
  • I even tried setting up more Sentinels to see if it was a one time problem

This is the contract we are listening to:

It's verifed, so you can check the ABI.

We are triying to actively listen to any instance of the Swapped event:

This is a tx where the event was emitted:

I guess that's it. Please let me know if there is something else I can share to help in any way.

Hi @NChamo,

Thanks for reporting the issue, there was a problem with our optimism sentinels but the issue should be resolved now. Please let us know if you are still not receiving alerts.

It's working now!

Thank you @dylkil