Sentinel not being triggered on Optimism

Hey OZ team!

I'm having some issues with the Sentinels in our account. We have set up sentinels that listen to the Swapped event on our smart contract 0xA5AdC5484f9997fBF7D405b9AA62A7d88883C345 (same address across all chains). We are the same Sentinel set up for Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Ethereum and BNB

But we realized that in some cases, on Optimism in particular, the Sentinel is not triggered. The problem seems to be on transactions where the amount of pairs swapped is really big, so it probably has something to do with that

For example ,when I test out the condition on this tx, the sentinel says it won't be triggered. But that transaction does emit the Swapped event

Anyways, I was hoping you could help us with that


Hi @NChamo

Thank you for reaching out.

If I monitor for the Swapped event (no specific variables set), the provided transaction hash returns a result.

Are you by any chance monitoring for any specific variables that occur in the Swapped event? This may cause the Sentinel to not be triggered if these do not match.

Ok, that's interesing. We are not looking for specific variables on the event but our sentinel does find a match for that transaction now, even though it didn't when I checked

The thing is that every night swaps are executed (and the event is emited) and our Autotask that is supposed to be triggered by the sentinel is not getting triggered correctly on Optimism

For example, this transaction didn't get to the autotask, but this one did

Is there anything we can do to help debug the issue? Maybe the sentinel is detecting the tx correctly but the payload is too large to be sent to the autotask? I'm saying this because the swaps that are not detected are the biggest ones, while smallest ones seem to be working. Also, the Swapped event has quite a lot of data

Hi @NChamo

I'll have a look, could you send me your tenant ID to please?
You can find this under the top-right burger icon.

Ideally, if you could send me the link to the Sentinel and Autotask in question as well.

If I understand correctly, you are only seeing this issue with Optimism, and not the other sentinels which are configured in the exact same way for other networks?

Great, just sent the email with the requested information. Indeed the problem seems to be on Optimism only. As far as we can tell, other chains seem to be working correctly

Hey @nami !

Hope you are doing ok :grinning:

Did you get a change to look at the issue? We haven't heard back yet from the email we sent last thurdsay