Defender Jan 2022 Release: Alerts formatting, ERC20 proposals, and more!

This release includes new stuff for Sentinels, such as custom alerts formatting and new confirmation levels, plus some improvements for Admin proposals!

Sentinel alerts formatting

You can now define a custom template for your Sentinel alerts. Using a subset of markdown, you can choose what information and how is sent from Sentinels to your notification channels on Discord, Slack, Telegram, or email. A sample template looks like the following:

**Alert from {{ }}**

**Network:** {{ }}

**Transaction:** [{{ transaction.transactionHash }}]({{ }})

{{ matchReasonsFormatted }}

Read more about this in the documentation.

New sentinel confirmation levels

We have added more confirmation level options for Sentinels, so you can now choose to wait for a higher number of confirmations before acting on a transaction. The networks covered are Ethereum, Fantom, Polygon, Avalanche, and Moonbase. Additionally, Sentinels will now display the confirmation level used in their details page.

Send ERC20s from your Gnosis Safe on Admin

Last November we added the option to send ETH from your Gnosis Safe, by choosing the Send Funds option from your multisig contract page on Defender Admin. Now you can also send any ERC20 of your choice, in addition to ETH!

Skip validation when approving proposals

While Defender automatically checks that a proposal is valid and it won't revert before you approve it, there are some scenarios where you want to approve it anyway, such as when the proposal depends on a condition that has not yet happend. To accommodate for this, you can now choose to Approve skipping validation to sign a proposal that corresponds to a transaction that would revert.

What's next...?

We're working on adding support for Moonbeam, Moonriver, and Harmony networks, as well as adding more flexibility to Sentinels by supporting multiple monitored addresses. Also, make sure to comment in the Feature Requests thread if you have anything in mind you'd like to see in Defender!