Get Discord notifications with Defender Sentinel?

Trying to test monitoring with Defender Sentinel, using mainnet USDC to test transfer function monitoring. Cannot get Discord notifications from the transfers. Email notifications work.

:computer: Environment

Set up a Discord Webhook monitoring mainnet USDC transfer transactions.


  • Set up a Discord Webhook monitoring mainnet USDC transfer transactions.
  • No conditions, no threshold
  • Set up Discord webhook
  • Sent test message to Discord, that worked
  • Tested Sentinel conditions (backtested), transactions showed up
  • Saved changes, no transactions coming through to Discord
  • Set up email notifications for same Sentinel, transactions showed up
  • Took down Sentinel, set up new Sentinel
  • Performed the same steps above. Same issue.

:1234: Code to reproduce

  • See above.

Relevant images:

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Can you show me your Sentinel screen? You can censor out addresses and wallets, what does the monitoring part look like for you? As you can see I’m monitoring an event that happens on my contract. when the event is signaled it posts a message in my discord.

You might want to check out this official documentation, maybe it can give a hint about what’s going wrong.


Hey @Lucas_Manuel! We have a known issue that causes Discord notifications to fail for certain events (transfer among them). We have a fix going through testing now, and expect to have it in production in a few days. We’ll keep you posted! Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Ok yes please keep me posted - I’ll keep trying other transactions in the meantime.

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Also - what notification service do you guys consider to be the most robust? We’re thinking of using email instead of Discord.

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Hey @Lucas_Manuel! Discord should be fixed now. As for robustness, I’d say email is the best one, since it doesn’t depend on a third party service like Discord, Slack, or Telegram.

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