Urgent: Transactions not being broadcasted on Defender

Hey team,

We're sending transactions to Defender Relay but none of them are being broadcasted to the blockchain. We're seeing these transactions listed in the "Unconfirmed Transactions" section for a given relayer. They are being "re-sent" every minute or so but their transaction hash does not exist on-chain.

We're currently experiencing this for Relayers on Optimism, BNB Chain and Polygon.

Would appreciate if you guys could take a look and help us resolve this issue. Thanks!

cc : @ernestognw @frangio

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Hi @ShreyKeny ,

We're looking into this now

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@ShreyKeny can you please send more information on the Relayers affected? If you go these relayers in the Defender UI and copy and paste the URLs, that would be helpful.

Also are transactions processing now?

Hi Arth here from the same team,

the pending tx on our bsc relayer got processed

polygon, optimism and avalanche txs still pending

Hey @dan_oz, please check the URLs shared by @arthcp.

Also, the transactions on those relayers are still pending on our end. Any update regarding the situation?

Hi @dan_oz,

I am not related to the above team, but we are experiencing the same with this ethereum mainnet relayer:


Hey @dan_oz,

just wanted to follow up if there's any update or any ETA for a fix?

Just wanted to say that we are seeing the same problems. Transactions are not being broadcasted and they remain in "pending" status

Hi all,

Sorry for these issues. We have a number of users experiencing issues with relayers as well. We'll be providing updates on Defender Relayer Issues October 9, 2022 - #2 by dan_oz

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This issue now appears to be resolved. Sorry for the problems it has caused.

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Thanks for the help @dan_oz :raised_hands: