Sentinel Not sending notification

I haven't received Sentinel notifications since yesterday

:computer: Environment
Arbitrum One

Sentinel setup to watch Transfers

Sent transaction which should notify

Hi @amaurer-rise, thanks for the heads up. Will look into it and get back to you when we have more details.

Hi @amaurer-rise, the time of your report correlates with higher than usual loads on our Arbitrum sentinels on June 30th, around 12pm to 1pm UTC. I would expect everything to be normal at the moment, do let us know if you're still experiencing this issue.

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Hi @MartinVerzilli , I setted up various sentinels.

  • I wrote a Sentinel for the function "allowUser." It worked when there is only one address allowed. However, when I allow a batch of transaction (from 2 to many), the sentinel doesn't work even if the transaction is executed correctly. (I left the variable box empty)

-I wrote a Sentinel for the transfer event as well. But it doesn't work at all.

I already sent you an email about that, hope you have seen it.