Gnosis Safe not recongized

I' trying to create a token transfer via gnosis multisig, setting the "viaType" param to "Multisig". Inside Defender UI, the admin action execution strategy is set to EOA, and the transaction fails.

:computer: Environment
I have try this using defender-admin-client and python requests to send directly to API, and I'm getting the same result.

Contract: 0x7Ca0AF75AaA9C4663834EC9d8a52Cc01Fac8cf32
Gnosis Address:0x9280e517BFD7d36C880573042D71E957B65AD30F

:1234: Code to reproduce

 const batchTransfer = async(address,amount) => {
        contract: { address: '0x6170Ac93c5Ea0A97EcE78d047d73287f5bbe21F1', network: 'rinkeby' }, // Target contract
        title: 'Batch Tokens Transfer', // Title of the proposal
        description: 'Transferir Tokens a cliente', // Description of the proposal
        type: 'custom', // Use 'custom' for custom admin actions
        functionInterface: { name: 'batchTransfer', inputs: [{ type: 'address[]', name: '_addresses' },{type: 'uint256[]',name: '_amounts'},] }, // Function ABI
        functionInputs: [address,amount], // Arguments to the function
        via: '0xFD8DfE4167dAd7afB2ca32FC060D9A8231Cc6398',
        viaType: 'Multisig'


Hola Patricio! Can you try with Gnosis Safe instead of Multisig?