Payable function calls fail with Defender Multisig

I'm trying to interact with a contract from a Gnosis Safe Multi-Sig created but Defender. Non-payable functions work, but any time I call a function that requires some ETH to be sent the transaction fails (it doesn't even pass the validation).

:computer: Environment
I've imported a contract on Defender and using a Gnosis Safe Multi-sig created through Defender dashboard. I'm using Polygon mainnet, but it doesn't work even on Mumbai.

When I try to execute the transaction I get this error in the console by MetaMask
"err: insufficient funds for gas * price + value: address 0x0SFF3F17b62404A0fc71539dED9223a44CAf4625 have 2000000000000000000 want 14030295270800000000 (supplied gas 50000000)"

But the function that I'm calling only requires 1 MATIC to be sent, which I have.
If I send more MATIC to the multisig to have the balance that the error message requests the first error disappears but I still have "execution reverted" error.

Would really appreciate if anyone has any clues on what could be happening!

Hi @mattiapomelli ! Thanks for reporting the issue, could you share the contract code + address and network + function name that throws the error through our support email ?

Even better if you can provide your tenant Id for context.
Thank you!