Rinkeby Faucet Doesn't Work, need assistance

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Hi, can also get 1 ether for rinkeby network? Seems to be having issue with rinkeby faucet.

Here my address: 0x60F8aC27387f795c14E1bab249C373979361a17F

Hi Bilal,
what error are you getting exactly?
Please share a bit more details...

Just sent you 1 ETH to your provided address, please confirm.

You can see the transaction here....


Happy testing!

Thanks @BigMadCode.

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Please mark as solved above on my response where I sent the ETH... if this solves your issue.


This only gives .1 ETH at a time but seems to be up most of the time for me and doesn't require a social post!

This is a link to verified rinkeby faucets about 4

Am gonna add a link to a faucet that gives 6 rinkeby ether


Hi, guys! None of the most popular rinkeby faucets seem to give me test ether. They seem to accept my request, but then there is no trace of any transaction at all. Etherscan is saying 'We are unable to locate this TxnHash'. Could anyone please explain or send some test ether to my account 0x6f30f381d056a63a5531bFd765cAe9Db1F02c66f ? Many thanks!

Thanks! That would be great!

Hi, I also face a problem with Rinkeby Faucet. Please anyone give me 1 or 2 Rinkeby Ether? Thanks a lot!!!


I also need Rinkeby Ether, while I have trouble with faucet.