How to get Rinkeby Test Ether Without a Social Media Account

Hi! Just wanted to ask quickly, how can I get some test Ether from Rinkeby: Authenticated Faucet when I don't have a Facebook/Twitter account? I don't have any kind of social media account, because I'm not allowed on social media.

I found an article on Stack Exchange (Are there any rinkeby testnet faucets that don't require social network accounts?) that had a reply that said someone could get 0.001 Ether from this link: But I don't trust it, 1) because it's HTTP instead of HTTPS, and 2) for whatever reason, I can't go to the site now (my computer has software that blocks certain sites, hence why I don't have social media). So, does anyone know of a way I can get some legitimate Rinkeby Ether without social media? Thanks in advance!


send me your address, i will send you an ether


You're sending me Rinkeby ETH, right? That's what this account is for. Thanks in advance, btw.

Sent you 1 Ether, please confirm


Please provide your wallet address

OK, one moment, please. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I confirm that I have 1 Ether! Thank you very much, @tarbusca.

Now I hope I won't eat up that Ether too soon...

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Hi, can also get 1 ether for rinkeby network? Here my address: 0xE7a9F8FF1fF543b1d97580a4190aB36c8ED93D6a

Sent you 1 ether on rinkeby

Could I also get 2 rinkeby ethers? My address is: 0xa5fd513575d07392f809a7D16DFb073C35bBC82E

I need one please someone should help me I am trying to get it is not working

Just 1 pls 0xe075ae1F7Fb1adCaA875E1ab9876e4BB612dEF3D

Does anyone think that @tarbusca should be the unofficial Rinkeby ETH person, for people who can't use the faucet (or if the faucet isn't working for some reason Rinkebi faucet doesn't work)? @tarbusca is very helpful.

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Hi @Chiedozie_Dick, I couldn't send you a whole Ether because I don't have a lot of Rinkeby ETH myself, but I sent you 0.4 ETH. Hope that helps!:blush:


Would love some rETH too thanks in advance


hey @alexwork can you send me some rinkeby ether. The faucet is not working .
here is my adress:


Hi sir, can you please send me 5 ether too


Thanks Flora, I have sent to many, I am too running low on my balance. I can still send some .1 to people.

Hi, Can someone send me 1 ETH on Rinkeby address? It's impossible to get any with or without social tweet... thank you in advance.


Hi, tarbusca!
I also need rinkeby test ether.
Could you send me 1 eth please?