Are you also having problems with the Rinkeby testnet faucet?

Hello Developers,

Have you also been having problems with the rinkeby authenticated faucet?
I have posted the address on my Twitter, it has been accepted with the green message, but still no test ether after over 14 hours...
I am on the rinkeby testnet blockchain.

I have been able to collect 0.02 test eth from other faucets, but it's not enough to publish and play around with my contract.
Did you also have problems yesterday and today?

Best regards,


If someone has some test rinkeby ether I would appreciate a small donation: 0x9c3DF36F678A0535D9539e442a9eCc3C68B5c271


Sent almost 3Eth. Best of luck


I have received it.
Thank you very much!

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Could someone send me some test eth pls? The faucet is not working rn.

Thank you!

I am experiencing the same problem. It shows on faucet screen that test ETH was sent but nothing appears on my screen. I wonder why. But the only problem is that I do not think Open Zepplin is responsible for faucet.

I am having the same issue with the Rinkeby faucet. It indicates that it sent the eth, but no eth is showing up in my wallet. I would appreciate a small donation from anyone that can send me some (address below). Thanks so much!


Same, posted on FB first and it would not recognize my address as valid. Then posted on twitter. Got the green confirmation but never received any test eth. I would appreciate a handout if anyone can help. I am trying to get a test contract deployed....



Same problem!

Could I have some eth too pls?
address 0x030E42A9a18A0dE7207A17c1Fb68e84b9074878c

Kindly send some testnet ether on this address thanks

Sent you all 0.5 Rinkeby Eth. Best regards

Also need a little bit of Rinkeby Eth (0.5 is fine)

Would really really appreciate it


sent you 0.5 ETH. Best regards

Hello guys, I dont want to beg, but I just want to test hehe:P

Can someone send me some test ETH.

Even a little is enough, I would appreciate it!


It is only .1 Eth, but this faucet has been working for me:

Could you please send me one Ether ?

Thanks a lot,

Hi I am currently unable to get any Rinkeby test ETH from any faucet site (generally just continuously offline). If there is any kind sole out there that could send me some I would be really grateful. My test account is:


Faucet not sending the Rinkeby ETH

Any help would be really really appreciate it


Help no ether from rinkeby 0xFFa52a1Bf54F6e2595cc76d83e4bb038b06512A4