Rinkebi faucet doesn't work

Does anyone know why rinkeby faucet isn't working?
0x8cFf09e51C7873Bc256917e2722c52bA2B3308b8 and that's my adress, some token will be very appreciated

Not working for me either. Said it came through but didn't! Need some too, otherwise waiting 72 hours. Some test ETH appreciated too: 0x3830fA1E13EA165Ad73a61157BDf447E3D8D53CD


I have the same problem. Trying to do a course on blockchain development so need some ETH on Rinkeby Test Net. Would be much appreciated if someone can send.

Address: 0xa3DDBbF91De4C056493a78b710D1c78bf3A50A35

Hello, people! Someone here named @tarbusca is very helpful when it comes to sending Rinkeby ETH. Ask them, they might be able to help.:blush: You can find them here (unless they reply to this post): How to get Rinkeby Test Ether Without a Social Media Account - #14 by Flora

please help with some Rinkeby test Eth... my address is:


thanks you all

Rinkeby faucet isn't working, please if anyone have give me 1 0x0026477C2173FD4D90e16444bcDdb7EAC50Ee036

Thanks !!!