Renouncing contract ownership


I have sold tokens on DxSale and the liquidity has been locked for 6 months. It is a temporary project and we want to swap to another token later on. If I renounce the contract ownership (renounce Ownable), will I still be able to remove the liquidity if required?

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Hi @Westerlo,

I am not familiar with DxSale.

I would assume that ownership is only used for access control inside your contract and isn’t required for external functionality. So I am not sure how renouncing ownership would impact anything external.

I hope so, otherwise I have to figure out a way to match the liquidity in the LP.


I would recommend checking with the project where you provided liquidity.

Man, I’m not sure but I having problems removing my LP… I renounced the ownership and now I can’t remove my 1 BNB… I don’t know… I need help too. hahaha

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