HELP Can’t remove liquidity on pcs v2

Hello, I put pancakeswap liquidity and I can't withdraw it, I am getting the error below, please help.
Pancakeswap says "ERROR, This transaction would fail"

Ownership renounced yes

Contract 0x882076B584a32c07dDD7DcdC32C5BC7e2df45D5d

My wallet : 0x15fd86b0ea6bBAA2B9Ecf7c9A2Cb33EefF03Fb8F

So I've come accross so many topics over the internet and hit a dead end.
this is basically a Token-BNB liquidity and it happened I can't pull it out. Pancakeswap says "ERROR, This transaction would fail", I have almost $200 trapped in that liquidity so I'm giving away a bounty - It's better to give something or it might end up trapped forever.

I own the contract and its interacted with PC router and Factory

Tried Solutions :
X - Receive WBNB instead of BNB
X - Tried it on multiple browsers as well as on metamask app on android
X-ownership renounced - Yes

Contract : 0x882076B584a32c07dDD7DcdC32C5BC7e2df45D5d

Help pls..

This is a smart contract development forum and this question is off topic. I will keep it open in case someone happens to know an answer but you should try to ask somewhere else.

I know how to remove it. I did it for my token.

This is probably a problem with the token itself. If there are any fees then set em to 0%.
Try deactivate everything that has to do with the transfer.
burning fee? set it to 0
liquidity fee? set it to 0
whatever? set it to 0