Cant liquidate my LP, Contract has Pancake V1 hardcoded, LP is on V2, ownership renounced

i played around with the Orfano contract, created a token, verified the contract, renounced ownership and added LP. And at that point, or even earlier at the contract creation, i fcked it up. I left the old Pancake V1 router adress in the code and added my lp to the new V2 router. At the beginning the token was buy, sell and tradeable but that stoped working at some point. Now i am stuck with 5BNB locked in LP and i cant get these Tokens out.

As i have read in other threads this could be the root of the problem i have:

  1. swapAndLiquifyEnabled = True



Question: is it somehow possible to transfer my LP pair manually to the Pancake V1 Router, by directly interacting with the LP-Contract or Router? If this is somehow possible, shouldnt the token become tradeable again ?

Hope someone can help me.

You should be running tests before going to production with real money.

I’m not familiar with these systems and I can’t help.