I can't remove my LP from PancakeSwap

Hi guys, recently I created my first token, and before renouncing the ownership, I add “1 BNB” for liquity in PancakeSwap… but my token didn’t work, so I’m trying to remove the LP from Pancake Swap to create a brand new one, and unfortunately I can’t…

Please, watch this video, I need to remove it.

Try to remove a little Liquidity at a time, see if a small amount works. It might not be letting you to remove it all at once.

I tried! but I can’t even remove 0.01 BNB that is 1%.
I don’t know what to do!

Hello, did you renounce the ownership ? If not i know how to fix it.

Yeah, unfortunately, I did it!
I add the LP, and then I renounced it to give more trust to the buyers…
event though, in my code has a pancake swap V1 route, and nobody could’t buy my token. :frowning:

So, Is impossible removing the LP after renouncing the ownership?