I can't remove my LP from PancakeSwap

Hi guys, recently I created my first token, and before renouncing the ownership, I add “1 BNB” for liquity in PancakeSwap… but my token didn’t work, so I’m trying to remove the LP from Pancake Swap to create a brand new one, and unfortunately I can’t…

Please, watch this video, I need to remove it.

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Try to remove a little Liquidity at a time, see if a small amount works. It might not be letting you to remove it all at once.

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I tried! but I can’t even remove 0.01 BNB that is 1%.
I don’t know what to do!

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Hello, did you renounce the ownership ? If not i know how to fix it.


Yeah, unfortunately, I did it!
I add the LP, and then I renounced it to give more trust to the buyers…
event though, in my code has a pancake swap V1 route, and nobody could’t buy my token. :frowning:

So, Is impossible removing the LP after renouncing the ownership?


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Hey, I have the exact same problem and I haven’t renounced the ownership. I just want to get my BNB out of the LP. What is your idea to fix it?


Same problem here , anyone found a fix .

Pls contact me bro, I have the same problem and I can be generous to anyone that could help me fix it

Hey, any luck with the LP?


You are 4 here to renounce the ownership. Can you tell me please how you did this ?

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Please refer to

It’s either SwapAndLiquify needs to be set to False or MaxTxPercent needs to be set to 100.

If you have rejected ownership then you likely cannot get the liquidity back.