If I renounce ownership of my token, can I still list that token on exchanges?


This is my first post here. I have deployed a BEP20 token to BSC and have a few holders already. I am keen to renounce ownership of the contract to build trust.

However, will I still be able to list my token on exchanges in the future if I am not the token/contract owner? How will I be able to provide tokens for sale on the exchange? Aside from not being able to call the public functions on my contract, are there any other issues I could have if I renounce?

Any help would be much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @Blue_Create

This all depends on the details of your tokens. You give no details about what the owner can and cannot do ... so there is no way to evaluate the consequences of renouncing ownership.

Hi @Amxx , thanks for your response.

The only public write functions on the contract, which is a simple token are:

Increase Allowance
Decrease allowance
Renounce ownership
Transfer from
Transfer ownership

I don't believe i need it want any of these as I understand people can trade freely without me calling them. I accidentally left mint in and I want to remove it but this is not possible after launch. Therefore I want to renounce ownership so the public know I won't use it but I want to understand the consequences.i would like to list on an exchange in the future.

Thanks for any advice

It sounds like renouncing ownership would not prevent from listing on exchanges.