Renounce ownership and transfer ownership

Can someone explain to me,having the _renounce ownership and transfer ownership functions in my contract/token can mean i as the contract owner i can dump on holders? Or can that flag me down as a potential dumper or scammer? If i have those functions? Thank you.

Hi, if the owner is controlled by someone, yes, this may lead to a potential dumper or scammer, in order to avoid this, you can transfer the ownership to a governance contract, and add a timelock to execute functions.

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How do i do this??..hmmmm

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Even if the liquidity is sent to an exchange and all the tokens are distributed?

If you want to use a governance contract as the contract owner, maybe you can have a look at:

Depends on the owner function.

i have a BIG Problem, the story began when I create a new token for my self in BSC, using token creation. I do not know about renounce ownership. suddently i push the button renounce ownership, then i do not have anymore control with my token. and I can not sell them back into BNB. The Pancake swap said there is not enough liquidity for this token. What am I supposed to do? can I get my token back into bnb? Please help

Hi, welcome! :wave:

Maybe you can ask help from pancake team, and what is your token address?