Help renouncing ownership, no function in write

Hi I bought a BSC smart contract from and there seems to be no renounce ownership function, cointool are ghosting me so I can’t get any reply out of them. It does have a transfer ownership though, can I simply transfer ownership to a dead address?

Here is the contract 0x5cbb3a07c3ad5a1f3655942bc3c9f50a4695a035

Additional info, someone has just told me that contracts can’t be renounced until the token is launched, I’m not sure I follow that exactly.

I was hoping that I can transfer ownership to 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD have finally sign an agreement for me to send to BScscan so I should get ownership to change the logo soon!

Hey! I have the same issue as you, I can’t sign a message in the contract to shown I own it. How did you get CoinTool to do it? Have you successfully renounced your contract?

ownership already renounced

To change logo you need a domain, website, a good project for the token and en email with same domain of the website