Smart contract safety / ownership renounced

Hello all, I am very very new in crypto / blockchain / smart contracts.

Well, I want to invest in a token which is on bnbchain for more than 1 year, having already >100K holders and already listed on some of the main exchanges. it turned to be a community owned token. Its ownership has been renounced and the contract has been sent to dead address just after its creation (by mistake?). Nobody knows its creator and It is said that the contract can not be modified anymore because it has been sent to dead address.

  • Contract can be modified by its creator in the future even it has been sent to dead address?
  • Ownership can be transfered to a new owner in the future and he can increase the total supply, can transfer the burned tokens to his wallet etc even the ownership currently looks to be renounced?

Here are the ownerships functions in the contract, do they look to be safe?

* @dev Contract module which provides a basic access control mechanism, where
 * there is an account (an owner) that can be granted exclusive access to
 * specific functions.
 * By default, the owner account will be the one that deploys the contract. This
 * can later be changed with {transferOwnership}.
 * This module is used through inheritance. It will make available the modifier
 * `onlyOwner`, which can be applied to your functions to restrict their use to
 * the owner.
contract Ownable is Context {
    address private _owner;
    address private _previousOwner;
    uint256 private _lockTime;

    event OwnershipTransferred(address indexed previousOwner, address indexed newOwner);

     * @dev Initializes the contract setting the deployer as the initial owner.
    constructor () internal {
        address msgSender = _msgSender();
        _owner = msgSender;
        emit OwnershipTransferred(address(0), msgSender);

     * @dev Returns the address of the current owner.
    function owner() public view returns (address) {
        return _owner;

     * @dev Throws if called by any account other than the owner.
    modifier onlyOwner() {
        require(_owner == _msgSender(), "Ownable: caller is not the owner");

     * @dev Leaves the contract without owner. It will not be possible to call
     * `onlyOwner` functions anymore. Can only be called by the current owner.
     * NOTE: Renouncing ownership will leave the contract without an owner,
     * thereby removing any functionality that is only available to the owner.
    function renounceOwnership() public virtual onlyOwner {
        emit OwnershipTransferred(_owner, address(0));
        _owner = address(0);

     * @dev Transfers ownership of the contract to a new account (`newOwner`).
     * Can only be called by the current owner.
    function transferOwnership(address newOwner) public virtual onlyOwner {
        require(newOwner != address(0), "Ownable: new owner is the zero address");
        emit OwnershipTransferred(_owner, newOwner);
        _owner = newOwner;

    function geUnlockTime() public view returns (uint256) {
        return _lockTime;

    //Locks the contract for owner for the amount of time provided
    function lock(uint256 time) public virtual onlyOwner {
        _previousOwner = _owner;
        _owner = address(0);
        _lockTime = now + time;
        emit OwnershipTransferred(_owner, address(0));
    //Unlocks the contract for owner when _lockTime is exceeds
    function unlock() public virtual {
        require(_previousOwner == msg.sender, "You don't have permission to unlock");
        require(now > _lockTime , "Contract is locked until 7 days");
        emit OwnershipTransferred(_owner, _previousOwner);
        _owner = _previousOwner;

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Hi, welcome to the community! :wave:

I think you can share the contract address at here if possible. So we can find more details.

As I checked your contract codebase, you lose ownership forever.
Only owner address can call contract function(of course write function).
Currently, ownership was transferred to 0x0000...0(dead address).
This can't be recovered and nobody can't get ownership now.
My opinion is like above.
Best regards.