Help removing BNB in the contract

Hello we was the victim of a dodgy dev who some how managed to control and mint tokens and take liquidity off a wallet which was not the owners he had a hidden mint function.

We have tried to salvage what we can, and there is about 20bnb in the contracts which he said can be removed before. there is no direct function showing to do this but was told this can be done.

Any assistance would be great and i will pay.

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Who owns the owner address

I own the address and deployed the contract

You are also the owner of the liquidity reciever address, because their is no withdraw method in this contract

Yes I am I think, the dev said the bnb in the contracts can be removed it's just a bit more complicated. Could you try help I will pay you for this

Hello, I am interested in working on this for you. Contact in my bio

Where is your contact details, do you have a telegram or something I can message you on

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On Telegram, @Sir_Bee

On Telegram, @Sir_Bee

Contact me on telegram @blackluv10