Relayers - Is it possible to access a relayer of chain A (op-goerli) on chain B (op)

The issue is I sent some funds to the op-goerli relayer thinking it was the op one. So I want to know if its possible to access the op-goerli address but on op mainnet

Hi @0xEillo ! You could try cloning the relayer in op mainnet,

relayer details -> settings -> clone to another network

you should be able to see your funds in the cloned one.

Hi @marcos.carlomagno , thanks for the reply.

I get:
You are unauthorized to clone Relayers. Request your account administrator to update your permissions to get access.

The account I am using is Admin.

Maybe your tenant has reached the max amount of relayers for your plan, you could try deleting another one from your tenant.

Hi @0xEillo please note that we will be deprecating OP-Goerli Relayers soon as Goerli has reached the end of its life. Please take steps to migrate your relayers at your earliest convenience

@marcos.carlomagno I'm having the same problem. But as of now I can only create two relayers and both of my relayers have funds from BSC mainnet and I can't create a new one and also can't delete. I will loose the finds. Is their any way you can help me?