Ether sent to Kovan test network Defender Relayer

Hello - I am trying to use OpenZeppelin - Defender, and have a newbie question:

Just created my first relayer with Kovan test network. Then I sent some ETH to my relayer address - however accidentally not to Kovan testnet but main Ethereum main network. I did note down my secret key for Kovan network - but no idea how to retrieve my address in Ethereum main network.

Tried to use my secret key with Ethereum wallets but no luck. Any help - much appreciated… Thank you.

:computer: Environment


:1234: Code to reproduce

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Hey @trnsrt! Sorry to hear that. We keep our relayers separate by network to prevent confusions, but under the hood they are still just network-independent private keys. What we can do to help you recover your ETH is manually change your relayer from Kovan to Mainnet, so you can send a mainnet tx through it to send your funds back to you. After that, we’d suggest deleting the relayer to avoid potential issues with account nonces, and creating a new one for Kovan operations.

If this is ok with you, just let us know if you’re using Defender with the same email account as you’re using here, and what’s the name of the relayer with the stuck mainnet ETH.


Hi @spalladino - thank you so much!.. That would absolutely work: I am using the same email account both for here and the Defender… I have only one relayer in my account - and it is called TS-keeper

Much appreciated!..

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