Arbitrum One Relayer stuck

Hi Support,

It seems our relayer is stuck because of the Arbitrum One outage.
I already tried forcing the tx through with replaceTransactionByNonce with a gasprice of 2 gwei, but to no avail. Can you guys look into it to get it rolling again?

Relayer ID: dd6b46db-9fd6-4a13-9953-4152bf4422eb

Kind regards

Hi @Archethect_Archethec sure will take a look, could you provide us your tenant Id?


Arbitrum One is still having issues (, so we paused your relayer and will unpause it as soon as Arb is back up.

It's likely to start working again when the network is back, if not, we can try to recover it replacing unprocessed txs by noops

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Hi @Archethect_Archethec - I see the relayer transactions went through ok now that the network is back up. Please let me know if you're still having issues with this.