Relayer is not broadcasting TXs on base-goerli

Hello, my relayer at address 0x6B2bc7a4e217549936AE28B9121eE6e06A207381 on base-goerli has completely stopped broadcasting transactions and continues to queue them up. I suspect there is a nonce mismatch with on-chain value.

:computer: Environment
Defender Relay - Base Goerli Testnet

Transactions are not being broadcast onto the network, I tried to cancel them but its not clearing the queue.

Seems like the provider maybe out of sync ?

I tried to replace the transaction at nonce 50 (the stuck one) and received:
response: {
status: 400,
statusText: 'Bad Request',
data: { message: 'Cannot replace transaction in state confirmed' }

but defender logs the txHash as: