Funds Issue, Relayers Multichain, Help[Urgent]

I accidently send my funds to a testnet based relayers I know I can create a clone of relayer changing to mainnet but I have two relayers both funded with mainnet and I'm unable to create more than two relayers at a time. If I delete one relayer and clone the other than I will loose fund from the deleted one. Is their any way you guys can help me like can i fetch a private key or change the network of my relayer somehow

Hi @Usman_Khan1 thanks for reaching out and sorry you are seeing this issue. If you could please send the email to with your tenantId ( you can find it on the top right side > click on the hamburger menu ) we will help you resolve this issue right away.


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@sai I have sent them the email. Already sent the issue to before the forum. Haven't received any reply. I'm in a hurry, If you can help me some how it will be great. I can provide the tenant ID here if you want. Thanks

@sai Can you help me?