I have problem with rinkeby authenticated faucet

could you help me plz with some 0.001 eth ? i need to get done one testnet incentive . i need to make swap.

Hi. I am having the same problem with the faucet, I need it to test smartcontract, I sent my twitter url yesterday but I received nothing, could someone help, please? My account

Also having issues with faucet. Sent my twitter URL but still waiting.
Anyone have any spare?

Unable to get ether from Rinkeby. Says insufficient funds.
Can anyone please send some ether on 0x7F2DdAfBc30ec88B2d1Bc094f8b71469D106B726

Thank you!

Hi magnificent folks,

I am building an NFT project on Rinkeby and would be very grateful for a few ETH to complete the testing and distribute to some key users. My address is : 0x983c1C3C23C4C58fa1F89195CD86803D899A6cc9

Thank you very much and have a nice christmas !

I need some eth too for testing an web app. This is my address: 0x4DeB6a11De83427AF742b691DC66A438345f664D. Thanks!

Hi dude
could you please send few ETH on my rinkeby , tahnks a lot

Hi @STYJ , can you please send me some ether?
I am having the same issue..


Thank you.

Same problem here. I tried three different faucets without success. Some Rinkeby Ether would be greatly appreciated thank you

Same for me, if you'll be so kind, pls send also some 0x78780B5AAf81996d7d16279052AD1c9019758e8F

same issue here? could anyone send me some as well? thanks soooo much!

I'm also having, getting some eth. Please i need some. thanks.

Could you hook a brother up with some test ether PLEASE? I have some art I want to sell as NFTs but Iā€™m stuck at getting the rinkeby faucet. Could be a life changer for me


Same for me, if you'll be so kind, pls send also some 0x83768966E28893794E6fd21af10d2C453A33A875

You can have a look at this tool: https://www.rinkebyfaucet.com/

Same problem:( send me please, thanks.

I have the same issue. Could you pls send me some ETH?

Thanks a lot

Same problem for me. Some Rinkeby Ether would be greatly appreciated!!
My address: 0x110A92965987A0F1b1D56AeCbEC9e26b6Bb9C12f


hey there.
i am also having trouble with the faucet, any ether would be appreciated: