I have problem with rinkeby authenticated faucet

Just another person having trouble testing my contract on Testnet. Some Rinkeby ETH would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much :pray:

We have the same problem, could you please send some Rinkeby ETH, would be greatly appreciated - Thanks:


Thank you🙏

I think alchemy now has a faucet. Haven't used it but it was in their last email I received

Testnet ETH? I'm entirley stuck and can't continue any other way. It could be years before I kill myself instead of decades.

same problem here, if someone could send me some rinkeby ETH it would be appreciated thanks !

GM I try to generate my first smart contract and having the same issues like all other fellows.
Some help would be great from the support.
I appreciate your work!
Thanks in advance.

H, I need some eth as well to learn solidity. I need a loan at 0xfEce1268Ad6F05052D0d8759EDC2190c1cC74ac4, I will repay you once the rinkeby faucet starts working.
Appreciate the help. thanks

Same here. Anyone want to help me out, greatly appreciated. 0xC2FCabac0bBe581871870ae225AeD65c75A8080C

I think the Rinkeby network will be deprecated in the near feature, so I would like to recommend you to use other test networks, such as Goerli or Sepolia, for more details, you can have a look at here: