Gas Estimation Fails

I cannot schedule a transaction because I am always told the transaction would exceed the gas limit. Timelock operations ID is 0x72b81da6ea8fb2144bc3f3d9158836aaae371e1dd19ace06b49e17afb14da5b8

I got the salt and similar from inserting a breakpoint and simulated the transaction on tenderly – it works fine. Just won't play nice with my Gnosis safe

:computer: Environment

I'm using the admin component


Details were provided above, but gas estimation method for Defender is failing.

There is another transaction stuck because nonce 0 has already been used for the safe and we cannot remove it. I suspect this may be causing problems

Hi @RobAnon


Could you please verify that MultiSig used as executor has proper Timelock role assigned?

When you try to create an Admin proposal, Defender tries to estimate its gas consumption, which fails when the transaction would revert.

Another option to verify correctness of the transaction is to try execution it directly through Gnosis Safe.


I have verified it.

We have a stuck transaction, which could be part of the problem. I cannot view the transactions queued up in gnosis – any tips?

Any way you can help us with this? Looking to use your systems for production software in a few days and thus far I haven't been impressed with how easily I can clear an error

Hi @RobAnon

We have discovered bug that was causing issues here.

You should now be able to open proposal that was stuck in order to get synchronised and that would unblock your newer proposal.


I am still having issues, this time with 0xa705a270aad785e442f705d3eb957b8d9e35dabd72c53e1c49094fb1a632f3b6

None of my transactions on Optimism are working. Please fix this bug

Edit: Also impacting 0x70dd2d8a698614e652dd17948ce82c32665692170695f5a9cb1bae389d6323cc

Any way you can assist? This is critical infrastructure and the bugs in your system are proving to be quite disruptive

Hi @RobAnon

Sorry to hear that.
We are definitely increasing priority for this bug.
I will let you know when the fix is shipped to prod.
I have unblocked above mentioned proposals.


Experiencining an additional bug, Polygon is offline because of 404 errors on your end

Screen Shot 2022-10-04 at 12.18.26 AM

From yesterday we saw a lot of 504/503 errors coming from

Seems like Gnosis Safe API for Polygon is not stable at the moment.
For example it works from time to time but mostly we see gateway timeouts.