Timelock Gas Limit Problem on Optimism Network

Hello OZ,

We are trying to use TimeLock with out Gnosis Safe MultiSig wallet. I tried the TimeLock on fantom network and it was working well but on optimism we got "Error: Estimated gas of 4022320395 exceeds maximum block size" error.

When I try to propose with an EOA, everything is ok, TimeLock works well. But trying with a Gnosis Safe, always the above error occured.

I can see a message "insufficient balance to pay for gas" in the browser console.

:computer: Environment
Try to propose a function call from GnosisSafe -> TimeLock -> Contract. TimeLock is the pendingAdmin of Contract. We try to call "acceptAdmin" GnosisSafe is proposer on TimeLock. A topic recommends to add GnosisSafe as executor on TimeLock, and we did it.

I tried to execute proposal by ignoring the warning so I can take a timelock operation id.

Hi @sonne,

Thanks for reaching out! I will try to reproduce this issue on my side.
But could you share with me the RPC provider you're using and a wallet app?
Sometimes these errors appear due to issues with the RPC endpoint, and changing them helps.

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